Water-less WASH & WAX – Four Wheelers

Perfect for urban dwellers, those with limited access to water, or the hot rudder that just arrived at a cruise, Wash and Car Wax Spray safely lifts away dirt and grime while leaving behind a protective layer of wax coating. In as little as 15 minutes, this new formula can morph a drab and dirty appearance into a stunning, clean and shiny car, without a drop of water.

What’s more, depending on how dirty the car is, a single bottle, along with the help of a few microfiber towels can wash and wax up to 5 average-sized cars. It’s special lubricants and cleaning agents safely loosen and then gently remove the dirt. Follow with a quick wipe from a clean, dry towel and the surface is left with a beautiful, glossy, just-waxed finish.

This product is specially developed keeping in view Customer’s need for a quick solution to clean his / her vehicle at many times when the domestic help is not available. Wash & Wax can safely clean your vehicle having any glossy paint or clear coat finish. The Water-less formula ensures that your vehicle remains clean & impressive, leaving a shiny layer of Wax coating to prevent loose dust from sticking again while the vehicle in on the move.

Available in 500ml Spray Bottle



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