Com Paint Touch up Spray Paint for Bikes & Scooters is available in multiple shades specific to various Motorcycles & Scooter brands and its variants. It is easy to use and gives a smooth finish and long lasting results and your Bike/ Scooter gets its beauty back.


  • Quickly Dries to Smooth and Fine Finish Can be used on other metal surfaces
  • No additional/external equipment/ product required for application.

How to use

  • Use in well-ventilated area, in shade & between (18°C – 30°C) temperatures for best spray results
  • Clean the scratch area,
  • remove any dust/ dirt/ wax polish etc.
  • Shake Com-Paint can vigorously until Agitator Ball moves freely.
  • Hold Can straight 25 cm (12”) from the surface.
  • Spray in stroking motion to avoid dripping Apply light coats instead of a heavy one which might make paint to sag & run.
  • Wait for 5 minutes between coats.
  • Clean paint spray button after use.
  • Let the touched up area dry for up to 72 hours for full curing of the paint film.

Precautions Do not use the product if the surface is hot to touch Use masking tape only as cello tape can cause paint to be removed Do not puncture the can, incinerate or store above 50° C. Do not place Can on a radiator, stove, in direct sunlight or near other heat source If spray gets into eyes flush with water. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, call physician. Keep out of reach of children.


Bajaj Bikes, Hero Bikes, Honda Bikes, KTM, Mahindra Bikes, Royal Enfeild Bikes, Suzuki Bikes, TVS Bikes, Yamaha Bikes, OLA


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Model Year

2010 & Before, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024


All Star Black, Apache-Black, Apache-Pl.-White, Apache-Red, Apache-Yellow, Aqua-Green, Arctic White, Black, Blazing-Red, Blue-Platina, Brown, C-Maroon, C-Red, Cherry-Red, chestnut red, Chestnut-Color, Cornet Red Glossy, CT-Wine-Red, D-P-Blue, Deep-Black, Desert-Storm, Electric-Blue, F-Red, Flaming-Orange, Forest Green, Forest-Blue, Galactric Green, Geny-Grey, Glossy-Black, Golden-Beige, Green, Green-Metallic, KTM Electronic Orange, Lagun-Color, Lava-Red, Lumos Lime, Lusty Red, M.-Silver, M.GREEN, Magic Black, Majestic-Maroon, MARINE-BLUE, Maroon, Marsh Athena Grey, Marsh Grey, Matt charcoal, MATT-BLACK, Matt. Axis Grey, Midnight-Black, Moon-Yellow, Nebula blue, Neo Mint, Ninja-Green, Orange, Pearl Amazing White, Pearl Precious white, Pearl-White, Pink, Pl.-M.-White, Pl.-Sunbeam-White, PL.-White, Plasma-Blue, Platina-Red, Pulsar Blue, Pulsar Maroon, Pulsar Red, Pulsur-Blue, Pulsur-Maroon, Pulsur-Red, Pulsur-Silver, Racing Blue, RE ASPHALT, RE BR GREEN, RE DEMINO BLUE, RE DUNE BROWN, RE ELC MAROON, RE ENGINE SILVER, RE FRAME GREEN, RE FRAME RED, RE HIMALAYA BLACK, RE HIMALAYA GREY, RE LIGHT SILVER, RE LIQUIED BROWN, RE MAHEYM GREY, RE MINT, RE ORANGE CRASH, RE PREM BROWN, RE SHOCK GREY, RE SILVER ASH(N), RE SILVER SPECTRA, RE SNOW WHITE, RE SOLID GREEN, RE SOLID ORANGE, RE TEX ACC SILVER, RE TEX BLACK, RE-Gun-Grey, RE-Matt-Black, Red, Red Mettalic, Scoden-Blue-Color, Silver, Silver-Platina, Silver-Tech, Sirius White, Slate Grey, SOLID-GREEN, Sonic-Silver, Sporty Red, Sporty-White, T-Blue, Tah-Blue, Tit-Silver, Titan Grey, Transe Blue, V.Red, Wego-Golden-Beige, Yellow, Yellow-Streak


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